• Jigsaw was established in 2001 by Sue and Tim Carr.
• Jigsaw is a special place that has been evolving for the last 12 years.
• Jigsaw has a 20acre, eco-friendly site with 12 special horses and very special people.


• The objectives of the charity are:
 To provide relief and good quality care for horses and ponies that would otherwise be put to sleep.
 To provide facilities and activities to advance the education of the public relating to the care, riding and welfare of horses and ponies.
 To promote good health of the public at large.

• In 2007 we secured grants through the SITA trust and Lancashire County Council, and a loan from the Rosebud Scheme, to advance our training facilities in order to further enhance our horses’ wellbeing and to reach a wider spectrum of the public. These facilities include an outdoor training area, and a mechanical horse which provides an innovative and unique training opportunity.

• Jigsaw uses classical training methods to create aids that a rider can deliver kindly and clearly to create a perfect harmony between horse and rider. The classical training method firmly believes that riding is an art and not a discipline.

• How Jigsaw can help you??

• We offer a relaxed and calm atmosphere where people can learn about horses and nature in a safe, friendly and fun environment.
 Lessons at Jigsaw can benefit all members of the public whether a beginner or advanced rider...there is something for everybody!
 Individual training programmes can be developed to ensure that optimum results are achieved from every lesson.